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All the crap in my life aside...

I have been with Kat for 6 years as of today. I think that's pretty doggone awesome. <3
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Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you :)
Thanks! Kinda' crazy to think that I've been with anyone that long. .____.
Woo! Congratulations! I'm wishing you two many more years together. ♥
I hope so, too! Thanks, dearheart. <3
Eee hehehehe~! Its worked out so far!
Bitchin' man!
Long-term ftw!
Hell yeah~! Just gotta find someone to put up with you, and who you're willing to put up with. :B
Yeah, no joke. You have to be able to work things out over multiple trials. It's a real endeavor.
I would submit that is in fact YOU guys that are pretty doggone awesome, and the fact that you have committed to compounding your awesomeosity together just makes it twice as splendid! Congratulations, girlfriend - you really do win at the love!
Aww. Single tear. Man, that's a lot coming from someone who has a relationship, as the esteemed Bob Seger once said, like a rock. <3
*snuuuuuuuugs* awww! *glomps and cries* ç//////////////ç