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A little less conversation...

So, to update what the fuck my last journal was about, I found out that my work sucks balls. The promised me 16 to 18 dollars an hour, and are paying me 6. This is a job where I've dealt with massive mental stress, being bitten, kicked in the crotch, peed on, and made to bleed by small children. Hooray. Anyway, I'm over it and formulating a plan to not work there anymore.... Whether that starts in April or in June is the only question anymore.

I got into a minor car accident early Tuesday morning, due to the fog. I was at fault. I am overjoyed, as you can tell.

Meanwhile, I'm taking my mind off that depressing reality, I'm going to Vegas in less than 12 hours. Kat and I planned it before we found out my job was screwing us over and plunked down the whole of our tax returns on it.... we're going to gamble a bit at the nickel slots, stay in a five star hotel, see Zumanity (a Cirque du Soleil show), order room service, watch movies and generally relax. Photos upon my return on Thursday.
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