Holidame (iyoichi) wrote,

Okay, so...

I'm in Houston again, which reminds me how long it's been since I posted on LJ.

This isn't anything big. Long time friends, Brian and Christine, drove all the way up to Dallas to nab us, drag us down and have us help in preparing for and then attending their Halloween party. I'm relatively excited, as I love Halloween, but don't much care for big parties full of people I have never seen before. It should still be fun. Apparently, I get to be a slutty fairy. BECAUSE WHAT IS HALLOWEEN FOR IF NOT DRESSING UP LIKE A HOOKER!?

As for the marriage, Kat and I will be in Spain for a week in March, marry on the 14th, and then spend our honeymoon in Denmark with neffinesse 's kind company. :3 There's a lot of work behind it, as it's an international gay marriage that doesn't even count in Kat's country of birth, but I think it's worth it. I'm amazed at how much everyone has supported and helped us in this endeavor.

Otherwise, I've got a great job, Kat's got herself a cushy job writing and taking care of a mentally disabled girl, Kat and I are looking into in vitro fertilization and Spain is on the horizon. Life's not too shabby!
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