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Writer's Block: Something to cry about

How do you feel about corporeal punishment?

I'm not going to be that childless person who comments on other people's parenting skills... but people need to not beat their kids. Personal opinion.

Now, honestly, I was spanked. And I knew why I was getting a spanking, all the times I remember being spanked. But, to me, it is a way to teach your child that violence is an acceptable solution to a situation where talking and actually resolving it is really the best lesson. I'm rarely shocked when I see copious violence (kids hitting parents, other siblings, other children), to hear that they spank their children. They've learned that pain is a deterrent to annoying behavior, and so employ it against others.

Also, I've read studies that suggest that spanking is kind of sexualized. After all, the butt's pretty close to your genitalia. They posited that it could cause sexual dysfunction. I don't know if it's true, but I can see where they'd get that.

So, I'm aginnit.

Mostly, this is street_howitzer  and neffinesse 's fault for making me think about it and make the decision that I'mma never gonna beat my chil'ns.

Unless they do something bad.


Also, hello Beccateers! My thanks for not making my return mightily awkward and de-friending me while I've been in the social-life-free zone. I am good. I am going to Spain to be married in March and am moderately medicated to a point of coping with The Outside now. How are you?
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