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Might as well put a bullet in my brain.

Still working my old crappy job, and making poor decisions about life. I joined NaNoWriMo and will probably end up stabbing myself in the brain for it. My work drains most of my energy, and I barely have enough time for my girlfriend, much less any of my other friends. I don't do well with stress, but I have to go and add to it, don't I? Pfft. I hate that I don't have time to talk to the friends who matter to me. And I don't even have the excuse that I'm at least making money.

My mom's final chemo treatment was last Thursday. Thanksgiving week, she'll have her surgery, and then they'll look into whether or not she'll have to have radiation as well.

My father lost his job on Wednesday at the company he's been working at for as long as I can remember. Due to personal grudges of bosses over him. I am not happy about that. It may give me the opportunity to go into business with him in minority advertising for the area. It sounds promising, which means it probably won't work out for me. Hehh.

Bah. Fuck it. I just want to move to Spain and raise goats for the rest of my life.

Becca is not in a good mood.
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Hey sweetie, sorry things are so rough right now. *hugs* Is there a good time this week for you to receive a call from a Canadian? ~_^ I have an awesome long distance plan now, so I don't have to rely on calling cards anymore to call you...

And we can suffer through NaNo together!
Hmmm, this week? I'm not sure. Tomorrow's out of the question, if only because its election day and I'm going to be SO plastered. But I would like to talk to you soon. <3 Maybe later in the week?

You let me know, ok? (And I'll need your number again.) I'll call. ♥

Yeaaah, I'm something like 4000 words behind already. I'm screwed. XD
*protects Becca*
*clings to you*
*wraps you in blanket and feeds you bikkits*

(I live in GA now, so you two need to come visit round here again!)
*squeaks and purrs*

(DAMMIT, WE DO. Kat's family is out in Savannah. That is where we tend to congregate, if you know anything about it.)
argh, longass way from here (Canton, north part of the Atlanta sprawl), but I'd be up for the hike! I've not learned to drive yet so you may have to meet my Matthew as well :P
OH NO! NOT MATTHEW!!! ... wait, who's Matthew? And I wouldn't mind that. We could go for walks around the cemetery and River Street and go on a pirate tour and be all dorky together. <3
Matthew's my husband (as of Feb 29th this year), in a sordid visa-bride sorta way :)
*hugs you tightly* love please let me know if I can do something for you, in the meantime I hug you tightly so none and nothing can hurt you *protects you*
I'm fine, darling. I just have lows in my mood a lot lately. Thank you so much for your kind words and your offer. Love you. <3
I hope everything goes well for your mum. I'll keep both her, your father and you in my thoughts.

I'm Sorry your work's been so consuming. But think of the goats! One day there will be a whole farm of goats! Maaaahhh! (Is that the sound goats make?).

I thought about participating in nanowrimo this year, really I did. I've been thinking out my story. I'm sure I've been writing my appropriate amount in my brain every day, trouble is there's no machine yet that can zap brain thoughts onto paper. One day! One day! Of course then the world will be filled with even more bad literature as everyone's thoughts find themselves written down.

I'd love to read what you're writing though.
B! I'm inexcusably late to the game here, but can't let this pass without MEGA Internet hugs and the best of wishes for your mom, your dad, and any future goats you may have. (I hope that this about advertising means that your dad has something else lined up? Optimistic thoughts, regardless.)

Also, let me know if you want to put together a NaNo work-party at any point - I know you're short on time (BOY do I feel that!) and was thinking that something like that might be double efficient - buddies + writing! Can't beat it!