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Lookin' up a bit.

In case this is TL;DR for ya, you can cut it down to that I'm doing pretty damn good.

Okay, so things are a bit better. Got good news on my mom. She's going in for surgery in two weeks. They think its no further than stage 2 cancer, which means that she probably won't even need radiation, but perhaps chemo. We'll see. I'm less scared about that now. She's a badass woman. She'll make it.

Last Wednesday was the last day of classes. I had work on Thursday, cleaning up and moving stuff. Wasn't too bad. I cried when the kids got on the bus. I'll, most likely, never see them again. I will miss them. I do wish they'd pay me more; I'd keep the job. In any case, they gave me a sparkling review, and couldn't say enough nice things about me. Sometimes, I wonder if that would have been different if they knew I was a lesbian, but I digress.

I have a bunch of teaching-type jobs all summer. Mostly, tutoring, teaching art and Spanish classes, as well as some courses in Photoshop. My brother asked me to design a new logo for the company he works for, and a few professionals have offered me help on revamping my art portfolio.

I mean to do a lot of drawing this summer, but... my computer died on me. Huge fuckoff virus, apparently, that tanked my operating system from the ground up. (Goddammit, I need to be more careful with the porn I download.) Kat's still works perfectly, which is nice, but it can't handle the scanner or the tablet or even Adobe, really. I'm trying to figure out how to save my old hard drives, and I got a new baby, so it should be all right.

Kat and I still talking about a move, but that's up in the air now. With my mom's cancer scare and my instability in work, its hard to plot out where and how we'd move. We're getting a new roommate at the end of the summer. That promises to go well.

On that note, I had an interview today for a Montessori school as an assistant teacher. It went over very well. It seemed like they wanted to hire me, because they kept asking when I could start and discussing which teacher to place me with. The pay's better, the kids are cute, and the place looks awesome.

So, in summation, as Ms. Moore says, if God is a DJ, life is a dance floor. You get what you're given. Its all how you use it.

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