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It's My Happy Birthday~!


... shit, wait.

-- EDIT --

Meanwhile, check out these links. I loves them.

http://www.myspace.com/vigilantes <--- My new favorite band.

www.mycrazyroommate.com <--- I lol'd copiously.

Worst fucking birthday ever. My family's the only people who remember (my brother called with a hangover), my mom spent half an hour bitching me out, and not a single friend in the area even texted me to say happy birthday. My day was beyond mundane and horribly boring. I got money (not that I'm complaining, but not a single solitary dollar will go towards a fun thing for me, unless you consider 'paying bills and rent' fun) but not a single present. And to top it all off, I was in a sour mood all day, I didn't get laid, and now I can't sleep and I can't stop crying.

Fucking A, forgive me for being emo, but I hate being 24.
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*cling* You rule.
Nooo, you rule! -noogie-
happy b-day! i'm really sorry to hear that your day went so poorly... what a bummer. that happened to me a couple years back, too; i got bitched out by my mom for something i can't remember and then cried. It's the worst when it's your mom, man...
sorry again; I wish there was a way i could help you feel better :S
Thanks, doll. Don't worry about it. It was a mood swing. I'm better now. Also, 24. ._.;;;;
I was stuck at my parent's house yesterday with no net access, so this is a bit late:


I would like to make you something. Any ideas?
Tsk! You don't need to get me anything! That you got back to me at all was very sweet. Thank you, doll!
Ah, man, I'm sorry to hear it, B (the lateness of my posting here seems cruelly ironic, but I can't not.) I had my first-ever birthday-spent-at-work last year, and it was the lamest of milestones yet.

Anyway, I'm not totally sure what to say - 'happy birthday' seems a bit stupid when I already know for a fact that it wasn't - but would be very happy to make this my excuse to take you out for dinner and a catch-up, if the tempo of your life isn't moving too fast for that kind of thing. Let me know if you're interested, but I hope that the birth-week becomes a steady and cumulative improvement over the birth-day, regardless!
Tsk, I was having a major mood swing, apparently. I'm better now. And nothing SUCKS like working on your birthday. :C

In any case, that sounds way beyond awesome. I'll note you here on LJ with my phone number (if you're a phone kinda' girl) to get in touch with me for when you're open. My weekend's looking pretty empty, and I would mind penciling stuff in.